The moment.  The so-called “imperfections”. We are Humans, and therefore, the process to accept ourselves (as long as it does not hurt anyone) involves the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the positive and the negative, the highs and the lows, the light and the shadow. What makes it even more interesting is that it is all a matter of interpretation. A bunch of opinions. Perspectives agreeing or colliding. The virtues versus the sins, and still, one or the other depends on which side you take.

What is beautiful to you? What are we proud of? Is pride still a sin, or is it just Human to love something so much that One would want to share it.

I find myself wondering often. Maybe you wonder as much. Whatever happens, I believe that questioning is an important key to growth, and therefore evolution; of course, only if I listen to the answers.

The learning process of Life. I believe in it, as bitter as it can be at times. The pictures you are witnessing are a reflection that not all is perfect, but part of something bigger and better: Humanity!

Maybe you’ll see something that you like, maybe not. In any case, be conscious of your feelings towards the information that your senses are giving you. Do not doubt it, as it is who you are. And the goal is not to judge, but to look in and connect, whether it is with ourselves, or with someone else, cause in the end, it is all about Love.

Hopefully soon, I won’t be judging other sides of my creativity and will accept the fact that it is part of my being. Until then, in this process, I’m learning. I’m learning what it is to, simply, be.